It's all begun with a problem. Our Goat Farm at Bendosari, Blitar can produce up to 450 litre per month. But it’s not that common to drink pasteurized goat milk there. It means there’s supply with no demand. To create demand, we think of some form of dairy product. Because of our diverse educational backgrounds, we choose to produce Goat Milk Soap. Why? Because soap is something that everybody all ages need when taking a bath.
With BPOM and Halal (on progress) certified products that are free of synthetic chemicals such as detergents (SLS / SLES), phtalate and parabens that are safe for all skin types including sensitive even for long term use, we found the answer to our problem. Our commitment is not only to make a natural quality product, but also help empower local communities. From employing local housewife to using straight from source for raw material as much as we can.
This long journey to create this brand are full of learning curve, gratitude, sacrifice and know what is the meaning of perseverance. To try and try again until the product comes out as we expect. Then try and try again to gain trust from customer. And never give up until we achieve our goals. With a lot of guidance through education and mentorship, we overcome hardship and be able to stay in line.



Le Farra is a halal handmade bath & body care brand, that was originally created by Febby and Hana, siblings who both love nature and beauty science.

Le Farra carries a wide range of products for bath and body benefits, and will be soon extended to hair and skin care, under the supervision of professional pharmacist.

Le Farra determines its products are "inspired by nature" and “made by love” which are mainly made of fresh organic goat milk through the sustainable Community Trade program in Blitar, East Java, Indonesia, and enriched by selections of natural ingredients such as olive oil and sesame seed oil sourced through the Community Trade program.