Have you ever tried natural soap made from fresh goat’s milk?

Goat milk stores a very high nutrient content, especially vitamin A, which is necessary to repair damaged skin cells and keep skin healthy. Changing the use of soap from what is usually made from water into fresh goat milk can be very beneficial to your skin. Goat's milk soap is perfect for people with dry or sensitive skin, and also for people who have eczema and psoriasis.

Goat milk is the only natural source of capricllic triglycerides, a special type of fat that gives dry flavor and at the same time forms a moist film layer on the skin. Along with Alpha Hdroxy Acid, it can lift dead skin cells, brighten, regenerate skin, improve skin structure, improve elasticity, moisturize, seal and clean pores, and prevent free radicals.

In the village of Bendosari, Sanan Kulon, Blitar, we have a dairy goat farm that we process to be a quality bath soap. Together with the locals, we tapped it with extra virgin olive oil, essential oil of choice, and Indonesian natural spices that we extraction gradually to produce a skin-safe product under the Lefarra brand.

Lefarra products are free of synthetic chemicals such as detergents (SLS / SLES), phtalate and parabens that are safe for all skin types including sensitive and long-term skin. Until now we have used 40 extract that we prepare ourselves such as moringa, turmeric, beluntas, etc.